5 Fun Things For Your Dog To Do at Home

Your dog is sooo happy right now. I know you know what I’m talking about. If you normally go into an office for work, you being home all of the time is a huge change in their world. They want your attention, they want to do stuff with their human who they never see during the day!

If you need things for your dog to do while you’re stuck at home, we’ve got 5 suggestions to get you started.

1. Go On A Walk

dog waiting to go on a walk

One of the best things for your dog, and an activity she is sure to love, is to take her for a walk.

Not all dogs love to walk, but I have found that most of them really do like to get out and sniff, and a daily routine helps them get rid of pent up energy, making them calmer companions at home.

Getting outdoors improves your mood and gets you up and moving around as well. If you can get out of the house more than once a day with your dog, that is even better.

Can’t get away? Consider hiring a professional dog walker to come to your home and take your pup for a walk when you are unable.

2. Play Games

dog playing games

Some dogs love to play games, like tug-of-war with a favorite rope, or fetch in the backyard with a ball.

But there are other games you can play that can be fun indoors.

My favorite is a game called, “Find It.”

Start out by putting your dog in a different room and keeping him there until you are ready to release him. Then, put small treats around the room in plain sight for him to find. You can use toys for this if you don’t want to give your dog treats, especially every day.

Release your dog and let him sniff out the treats. If the first round is too easy, start putting the treats in less obvious places and make him really hunt to find them. You can increase the difficulty as he gets good at finding the treats.

I have put them in shoes, under furniture, in the middle of a set of stairs, and even on tables and chairs (when the dog is large enough to easily reach them). 

Puppyleaks has several more ideas of fun things for you to do with your dog.

3. Trick or Treat!

Another fun way to spend quality time with your dog (or cat!) is to teach her some new tricks!

There are several good positive-reinforcement training videos on YouTube to show you some of the fun things for your dog or cat to learn.

We’ve put a few of the ones we like below:

4. Snuggle Time

I don’t know many dogs or cats that don’t like to snuggle with their person (I could probably count them on one hand).

So this is a no-brainer. You find yourself with some extra time on your hands lately, so you’re watching more TV or doing work from your couch.

Snuggling with your pet has many benefits – lowering stress and heart rate, increasing the bond between you and your pet, and making the both of you happier.

The only downside to snuggle time is the total lack of productivity or motivation to do anything else!

dog and cat snuggling

5. Ideas to Occupy

You’ve already done all of the above and just want to happily occupy your pup while you handle an important conference call or appointment?

Here are some ideas of things for your dog to do:

  • Hire a professional dog walker to get him out of the house!
  • Chew on a long-lasting chew treat, like a bully stick,
  • Peanut butter smeared on the shower wall (easy to clean!) or a LickMat,
  • Freezing a Kong or other food caching toy that is stuffed with peanut butter and treats (or soft dog food if you don’t want to give him the extra calories), 
  • Treat puzzles and other interactive toys

I understand that most of these are food-oriented, but what can I say? DOGS LOVE FOOD.

Frozen Kongs need to be prepared in advance (obviously), but the others can be pulled out and given to your dog when you need them to be distracted. Set them up in their comfy crate with a bully stick or a frozen Kong, and get back to business.

dog chewing a Kong

You being home right now is the best thing to happen in your dog’s world. Cats are still on the fence, lol. Either way, now is a good time to go play with your best fur friend!

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