Cat Sitting

Is Your Cat Shopping for a Temporary Replacement Human?

We may be called Zen “Dog,” but we also do cat sitting, and we know that cats run the show. 

They can be picky about everything from food, to toys, to places they will sleep (all are subject to change at a whim). 

If it is important to them, it is important to us! 

Cats Do Better At Home

Cats have discriminant tastes. They know what they like and what they don’t like, and they tolerate little else in between!

If you are thinking, “I wonder if there is a cat boarding place near me?” But you’re worried about how taking him away from his home will affect him and if it will stress him out, you’re not alone!

Cat sitting services may be the perfect alternative for him.

For most cats, taking them out of their home environment seriously stresses them out!

When cats are left at home, they have familiar sights, smells, and hiding places for comfort.

Some cats can be shy and want to hide from us when we come to visit, and having their favorite bed to dive under is very important to them.

This is something we also understand, and we will not ever force your cat to interact with us until they are ready!

We also know that even the idea of trying to find a professional cat sitter to come take care of your babies is stressful. I mean, how do you know they will treat your cats with as much love and patience as you do?

Your Cats Will LOVE Us!

Cat sitting client

Your Cat Is A Part of Your Family

Yeah, we know. So is ours! As cat owners ourselves, we are aware of the requirements and expectations your cat has for us.

Which is why we will follow your explicit instructions regarding his or her care. 

We ask questions about your cats, from favorite foods to prime hiding spots, so we have a feel for what your cat is like before the first visit.

That way, we can customize our cat sitting service to the needs and wants of your cat!

It will also help us find your cats if they hide – we require all sitters to find all of the cats every visit in order to make sure everyone is doing well.

We visit your cats a minimum of once per day. This is simply to make sure everyone is doing well and not getting into mischief!

If they want to play, we play. If they would rather snuggle, we snuggle! The decision is ultimately up to your cat, and we will abide.

Online Scheduling, GPS Tracking, Real-time Updates

  • With our online scheduling system, you can schedule visits for your cat 24 hours a day, 365 days a week. 
  • Our sitters are required to check in and check out of every visit through this system, and they are GPS tracked.
  • The cat sitter watching your cats will send you a journal entry update with notes about each visit, along with some cute pics of your kitties. So you can rest assured that they are doing a-ok!

Ready to Book Your Cat Sitter?

Next Steps...

  1. Contact us or call us at 678.389.5679 to tell us about your cats – who they are, what they do, and what their normal patterns and behaviors are. 
  2. We will discuss a good day and time to come to your house to meet you and your kitties to see if we are a good match for them.
  3. Continue to get ready for your trip, with the peace of mind of knowing your cats are in good hands!

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