Dog Walking

Dogs Need Daily Walks

We know you love your dog, so you probably already know this, but dogs need walks on a daily basis. And most dogs LOVE walks! 

Not only does it provide physical exercise and a great way to release pent-up energy, but it stimulates their mind too!

They get to sniff all of the awesome smells that we cannot smell with our inferior noses – and their brains are going 90 miles an hour processing all of that information! They get to see wildlife, and they may even run into their neighborhood doggy friends. 

Did you know that daily exercise can also prolong their life? 

Our black Labrador Retriever, Lucy, lives for her walks. It is the favorite part of her day! 


But we understand that it is very hard to walk your dog every time she needs a walk, especially if you have other commitments!

~ If you find yourself in this situation, perhaps you need a dog walker! ~

Dog on a walk

Imagine If...

  • There was a professional dog walking company in your area with a solid reputation for being reliable, and they had measures in place to ensure that your dog’s walks would never be missed!
  • This professional pet walking service was available to take your dog (or cat!) for a walk whenever you want.
  • Long days at work were a breeze, without a second thought about how to fit in a trip home to let your pup out.
  • You found a dog walker who really clicks with your dog and makes him so happy every day.

Zen Dog Can Make it All a Reality!

Puppy tugging at leash

We Are Not Trying to Replace You!

We know we could NEVER replace you in your dog’s heart. But we do want to be one of his closest friends! At Zen Dog, our pet walking service is built on establishing a relationship with your dog or cat (yes, we will walk a cat!). We find out what makes your pup tick and what motivates him.

  • Is he reactive to other dogs?
  • Does he have a prey drive that makes him want to chase everything that moves?
  • Does he have the overwhelming need to pee on every single mailbox/bush/tree/garden gnome?

We learn what he likes and doesn’t like so that we can manage for those behaviors on his walks. So his walks will always be pleasant and fun! Your dog will become so comfortable with his dog walkers, that it will become part of his normal routine.

Reasons to Consider Hiring a Professional Dog Walker:

  • It gets them out of the house, off the couch, and active when you are at work or gone for the day,
  • They have the opportunity to relieve themselves outdoors and stretch their legs,
  • It gives them an outlet for their energy while you are working from home,
  • Gets them in a healthy routine (dogs LOVE routine!),
  • Allows you to make that important conference call in peace,
  • Keeps them from driving you nuts, and
  • Because you love your dogs and want them to be happy!

Are You Ready to Hire Your Dog Walker?

Next Steps

  1. Contact us or call us at 678.389.5679 and tell us about your dogs and how they behave when on a walk.
  2. We will set up a day and time to come over to your house to meet you and your pups and see if our dog walkers are the ones they have been looking for (we all know it is up to them).
  3. We will invite you to fill out the profile on our scheduling system with important information about your dogs that we will need to give them the best walks possible.
  4. You can sit back and relax…your dogs will soon be tired and happy.  After all, that’s our job!