Animal Massage

** Zen Dog provides custom animal massage by a certified professional in the comfort of your pet’s home. This helps to reduce stress and results in a more successful massage in a shorter period of time than in an office environment. **

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Massages are awesome, aren’t they? There is nothing better when you’re feeling tight, inflexible, have sore muscles, or aren’t moving the way you should be.


Animals can get the same benefits from massage that humans do!

Animals That Can Get A Massage

While dog massage and cat massage are the most popular, many other animals can also benefit:

  • Ferrets
  • Rabbits
  • Rodents
  • Other small mammals
  • Snakes
  • Lizards
  • Ungulates (horses, cows, deer, goats, sheep, etc.) and other large mammals (like giraffe, elephant, hippopotamus, etc.)

Why Should I Get My Dog A Massage?

Animal massage, like people massage, can positively affect virtually every system of the body. If your dog or cat isn’t feeling their best, a massage may actually be able to help! If done by a properly trained professional, it can’t hurt and will always result in some benefit.

Canine massage benefits

Massage for Elderly/Arthritic Pets

Elderly pets have aches and pains just like elderly people do. If you are seeing your dog limping or hobbling stiffly, he could really benefit from a dog massage. It will not only help him to relax, but it can also help get fluid moving through his joints, work out kinks in his old, tired muscles, and realign his bones.

Massage for Puppies

You may not think massage can really benefit a puppy, but think again! Teaching your puppy to relax at a young age will help her at every stage of her development, and massage can help with that. In addition, regular massage will get your puppy used to every part of her body being touched and handled, such as her paws, ears, tail, and even inside her mouth, without stress. 

Massage for Surgery/Illness Recovery

Massage can be a very helpful tool to aid in quicker recovery time for your dog or cat if they have recently had surgery or have been diagnosed with a non-infectious illness. Due to the ability to flush toxins from the body and improve the productivity of other body systems using massage, it can help your pet get better sooner!

Massage for Working/Competing Animals

Being a working animal or an animal who competes can be a stressful job. Some of these jobs require athleticism and a fit body in working order. Animal massage is a good tool to have in your belt to give you the edge on your competition. Regular dog massage can keep your dog balanced and flexible, to help him get over those jumps! Working dogs can keep working with a reduced risk of injury and less stress when massage is part of the regular routine.

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Dog massage

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What to Expect For The First Massage

When I arrive to give your pet their first massage, I do not bring anything with me except a small digital music box. I want to do the massage wherever the dog or cat is most comfortable and I can easily reach them.


I cannot stress this enough. Unlike us, dogs and cats do not immediately understand massage. It feels different than petting, and it is being done by a stranger.

And that may completely weird some dogs (and many cats) out. 

Which is completely okay and is normal.

They May Walk Away

Your dog or cat may get up and walk away during the massage, and this is also just fine. They are trying to process the changes occurring in their body. 

We Are Force Free!

I do not force massage on any animal. Instead, I work on building a trusting relationship with your pet. After 2 or 3 massages, nearly all of my massage clients have warmed up to me to the point that they look forward to getting a massage and will lie down in front of me, ready to go as soon as I arrive and sit down.

I believe dogs think of me as “The Feel Good Lady,” and many of their parents tell me their pets love me more than them! (Which I know is not true!!)

Pets Who Should NOT Get A Massage

Just like massage is not right for all people, there are some pets who are not good candidates for massage:

  • Pets who are easily stressed or fearful of strangers (trust has to be developed first – massage is more successful performed by someone they trust)
  • Pets who have an infection (massage can spread it)
  • Any pet who has “stranger danger” (aggressive towards people he doesn’t know)
  • Any pet that cannot calm down, after multiple attempts at massage (some animals just never “get” the point of massage, and they do not want it)